We, Nathan McCall and Karen Yoo, opened McCall’s Meat and Fish Co. in January 2010.  Our goal was to create a gourmet neighborhood market featuring the highest quality meats, fish and retail accompaniments.  After 2 years, we had the opportunity to expand and decided to add a bakery and patisserie.  Led by Karen, you can find everything from beautiful handcrafted pastries, cookies and freshly baked baguettes.  When we opened the bakery and patisserie, we also expanded our offering of gourmet cheeses and other handpicked retail items.   We strive to bring you the best quality products needed to create any meal, from simple to fine dining, in the comfort of your home.  


P : 323 - 667 - 0674
F: 323 - 667 - 0802


2117 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


Tu-Fr 10:30-7:30
Sa-Su 10:30–5:30
Mo Closed


Our bakery is the perfect complement to the meat and fish at the center of your meal.  From the Country Loaves and Baguettes to the cookies, tarts and granola, we produce everything in house.  With the ability to pick up a crusty loaf of bread or a beautifully presented dessert, your feast is sure to satisfy on all levels.